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Devastating news that fracking for gas has started
Sabato 20 Ottobre 2018 16:13



Hi Mario,

What a week of ups and downs for the anti-fracking and climate justice movements in the UK and across Europe!

From the devastating news that fracking for gas has started in the North of England, to pride in all the local groups mobilising during a Week of Action, to the celebration of three activists, jailed for anti-fracking protest, being released from prison: lots has happened.

Watch and share widely our 1-min round-up video, on Facebook or Twitter:



On Monday, for the first time in seven years, fossil fuel corporation Cuadrilla began fracking for gas in the UK [1] - just days after the world’s leading scientists issued an urgent call to action to prevent catastrophic climate change, making clear that fossil fuels need to stay in the ground.

Across Europe we stand in solidarity with the community on the frontline in Lancashire, UK. But we also stand united in hope - because just last week, we also witnessed the power people have to oppose fracking. More than 30 events, protests and rallies took place all over England during the Let Communities Decide week of action. [2]

And just a couple of days ago, three activists who were handed lengthy sentences for taking peaceful direct action to stop fracking, were released from prison. The court of appeal decided the original sentences were ‘manifestly excessive’. [3]

The incredible scale of solidarity, creativity and resistance from our movement is proof: the fight with fracking is far from over, and we are going to win.

We know that to keep global warming below 1.5°C, coal, oil and gas need to stay in the ground. That means no fracking - not in the UK, not anywhere. Our movement is ready, and more determined than ever to fight fossil fuels. Please help spread the message of people power by sharing the video.

Thank you,

Julia, Anna, Ellen and the team


[1] Fracking to start in Lancashire as legal challenge fails
[2] Fossil Free UK on twitter
[3] The Guardian: Fracking protesters walk free after court quashes 'excessive' sentences

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