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You Can Increase Safety for Women Today
Giovedì 08 Novembre 2018 16:19



Dear Mario,

Every day, women in displacement camps in Iraq are harassed and threatened. Sometimes, they are sexually assualted. Women who have escaped ISIS are used as scapegoats for people's displaced anger. But through your support, you can increase their safety.

Will you give today to increase protection for women fleeing violence?

give now

Lana* is one of these women. She ran away from her dangerous husband. Her father began threatening her for leaving her marriage. She was ostracized by the community, extremely depressed and completely alone.

Just recently, Nonviolent Peaceforce's staff met Lana. They helped her relocate to a safer camp. Now she isn't afraid anymore. Because of your partnership, women and children perceived as being affiliated with ISIS are safer. Without supporters like you, there is no one to protect women like Lana.

Lana is safer now. But there are still hundreds like her. You can take action now by donating through Give to the Max to support nonviolent solutions and double your impact up to $14,000.

Give to continue night patrols in displacement camps in Iraq to improve people's sense of security. Your support will keep our peacekeepers there doing work no one else is doing. Give to protect people no one else is standing up for.

Thank you for making a difference and for believing in every person’s right to safety.

With peace and resolve,


Marna Anderson
Director of Development/U.S. Office

P.S. Give to the Max Day is a global day of giving. Join others around the globe today in donating and make your most generous year-end tax-deductible gift. Give $50 or more today and we'll send you a 2018 Peace Bond.

*Lana is a pseudonym.

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