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Mario, Greta Thunberg has a message for you
Giovedì 25 Luglio 2019 14:30

Hi Mario,

I’m writing this from my basement. Today, the temperatures in Brussels, where I live, hit 39 degrees. The basement is the only place in my home cool enough to work.

I’m luckier than many. Millions of us across Europe are suffering through yet another deadly heatwave. Many don’t have cool basements to hide in. Our homes are not made for climate breakdown.

When it’s this hot, doing anything can feel like too much - trust me, I know. And yet, I’m going to ask you to do something. I will ask you to watch a video, and hear the message Greta Thunberg has for you and for every adult across the world who cares about the fate of our planet. 

Mario, I went to my basement to send you this email - will you give me 2 minutes to watch and share this video of Greta Thunberg calling for a Global Climate Strike?




Greta’s one-person school strike has sparked a movement of millions. Now, it’s time we, adults, left the sidelines and joined the fight led by the striking schoolkids. 

Starting on 20 September and culminating a week later, the world is going on strike. We’re striking from work, walking out of offices, classrooms and shops (and in my case, my heatwave-proof basement!). Some of us will take the full day off work, some will join an event on their lunch break or simply post a selfie in support of the strike. We’ll show the politicians and the super rich that we no longer support business as usual, which has brought our climate to the brink of collapse.

Mario, this September history will be made. Right now, all I’m asking of you is to pledge that you will support the Global Climate Strike in whatever way is possible for you - that’s all. 

After you sign up, over the next weeks you will get all the information you need to join a climate strike closest to your home, or guidance and support on how to be a good ally and how to organise your own walkout. 

I’m excited about what comes next. Can I count you in?


Julia, for the Europe team

PS. To get millions of people on the streets, first we need to reach them with this call to action. You have an important role to play, so please: help build this moment and make sure you share the video with Greta’s message. You have more power than you know to influence your friends and colleagues - please use it to invite them to join the strikes!

Scritto da Greta Thunberg   

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